We'll Make Quick Work of Any Unwanted Stumps

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Don’t let tree stumps stick around. Keith Scott Construction and Tree Service can handle any stump grinding services you need. We’ll grind stumps down into the ground so you don’t have to deal with them.

Why is stump grinding so important? It’s not a good idea to leave stumps in your yard. We’ll grind stumps down to mulch so they don’t:

  • Cause problems while you’re mowing
  • Lead to trip-and-fall accidents
  • Attract insects and other pests
  • Promote fungal growth and additional tree growth

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Leave no trace behind

Our stump grinding company can help you out with any ugly stumps jutting out of your yard. We'll grind stumps down to a couple of inches beneath the ground and level out the soil. Once we're finished, you'll barely be able to tell there was ever a stump in the way.

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